Eastern OH – OCDO Enhanced Oil Recovery

The Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO) Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects (OOE-CDO-D-13-24 and OER-CDO-D-15-08) focused on an evaluation of technical and economic feasibility of CO2-EOR in the Clinton Sandstone of Eastern Ohio and the Knox Dolomite Group of North-Central Ohio. CO2 sequestration potential in the 30 major oilfields of Ohio was found to be 878 million metric tons based on replacement of void space created by historical oil and gas production. Numerous methodologies such as machine learning, statistical correlations, first-of-a-kind laboratory experiments, and numerical simulations were used to develop the knowledge base necessary to link operators of coal-fired power plants with small producers. Key accomplishments include the ability to identify fractures from well-log data and quantify their impact on CO2-EOR, the prediction of permeability and optimal operating pressure for CO2 floods with greater accuracy, a better understanding of CO2-oil interactions, and a framework for calculating risks from wellbore integrity issues. Detailed mapping of power plants and proximal oilfields helped identify promising candidates for a CCUS project and showed several feasible economic scenarios. CO2 was successfully injected into one well in the Clinton sandstone formation and one well in the Copper Ridge dolomite formation. This demonstrated acceptable injectivity and provided useful lessons on operational and cost issues associated with site preparation and monitoring.

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