Eastern OH – OCDO Geologic Characterization & EOR Projects

The Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO) Geologic Characterization Projects (CDO-D-1007a and OOE-CDO-D-13-22) focused on a sub-regional investigation for the Appalachian Basin region of Eastern Ohio. The key objectives were to review existing data and collect new data from deep wells to identify and evaluate potential CO2 storage reservoirs within Ordovician-Cambrian carbonate and sandstone intervals. Injection tests showed multiple formations were susceptible to injection, and detailed mapping and capacity estimates narrowed down candidate storage areas. Of the nine formations evaluated in the study area, the Maryville formation, the Upper Copper Ridge dolomite, the basal Cambrian sandstone, and the Lower Copper Ridge dolomite have the highest storage capacity potential. Additionally, a first of its kind caprock feasibility study established that the primary caprocks are sufficient to prevent CO2 leakage from the reservoir into higher formations. The regional analysis was the first step towards successful carbon storage in Ohio.

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