Otsego County, MI – MRCSP Michigan Basin EOR

MRCSP Phase III Large-Scale Injection Project translated the lessons learned in Phases I and II into development and operation of a commercial-scale CCUS and Enhanced Oil Recovery project in northern Michigan. The public/private consortium, funded through the U.S. Department of Energy Regional Carbon Sequestration Initiative (DE-FC26-05NT42589), brings together nearly 40 industry partners and 10 states. The project injected more than one million tons of CO2 into oil fields in the Northern Niagaran Pinnacle Reef Trend in Otsego County, MI for geologic sequestration and enhanced oil recovery. This commercial-scale test provided additional real-world knowledge that has been used to further refine technologies and methods, reduce uncertainties, and demonstrate safety and effectiveness to increase public acceptance. Between 2013 and 2019, the MRCSP project stored 1,732,500 metric tons of CO2 and monitored the production of 1,167,000 barrels of oil.

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