Shadyside, OH – MRCSP R.E. Burger Test

The MRCSP R.E. Burger injection test was one of two injection tests conducted under the MRCSP Phase II (DOE-NETL Cooperative Agreement DE-FC26-05NT42589). FirstEnergy’s R.E. Burger Power Plant is located in the Ohio River Valley, one of the nation’s largest power generation corridors and a central location in the Appalachian Basin. The main objectives of this test site were to explore geologic storage targets in this area of the Appalachian Basin and develop CO2 sequestration technology through drilling of a deep test well and conducting CO2 injection tests. Ultimately, less than 50 metric tons of CO2 was injected at this site due to the low injectivity of the sandstone reservoirs. However, valuable knowledge was gained that has led to a better understanding of the regional geology and greater familiarity with CO2 sequestration technologies. The negative finding in this well led to a more detailed storage potential assessment in Ohio’s Appalachian Basin, resulting in the emphasis on dolomitic vuggy carbonates, as a primary storage target in deep mature basins.

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