The MRCI currently consists of nearly 40 members. All are contributing technical knowledge, expertise and cost sharing in various amounts. MRCI team members are categorized broadly into two groups, the research partner team and the industry partner team.
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Recent Publications

MRCSP Publishes Peer-Review Research on Carbon Storage Methodologies, Storage Estimates in Michigan Reef Complex, Offshore storage, and Life Cycle Analysis for CO2-EOR MRCSP Team has been busy in documenting and sharing the findings of last several years of research through a series of reports, papers, and presentations. Some recent papers are summarized below. We’ll keep

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MRCI Partnership

Announcing the Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative (MRCI) We were also pleased to announce a new partnership led by Battelle and the Illinois Geological Survey titled the Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative (MRCI) as a next step for CCUS development in the Region. MRCI merges MRCSP with MGSC into a larger region which will build off the

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Additional Learning

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