Episode 2 of the eGeos/MRCI podcast out now!

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Episode 2 of the 2022 eGeos Podcast, brought to you by the Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative, is out now!


This episode introduces listeners to the four Regional Initiatives to Accelerate Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Deployment, A DOE-funded project with the collective objective to identify and help address regional storage and transport hurdles affecting commercial deployment of CCUS.

The Four RIs are:

Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative – MRCI

Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Western United States – CUSP

Southeast Regional Carbon Utilization & Storage Partnership – SECARB-USA)

Plains Carbon Dioxide Reduction Partnership Initiative to Accelerate CCUS Deployment – PCOR

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This latest eGeos episode features introductions from, and a group discussion with, leaders of three of the four DOE-funded Regional Initiatives – Sallie Greenberg and Neeraj Gupta, co-Principal Investigators for the MRCI; Wesley Peck, Assistant Director of Subsurface Strategies at the Energy & Environmental Research Center and Regional Infrastructure Task Lead for PCOR; and Ben Wernette, Geologist and Project Manager for the Southern States Energy Board and representative for SEACARB-USA.

Hosted by Dr. Rachelle Kernen, Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Australian School of Petroleum & Energy Resources at the University of Adelaide, the eGeos podcast in 2022 is taking a deep dive into the subject of carbon capture, utilization, and storage thanks to a new partnership with the MRCI. Future episodes will include discussions with members of our team and researchers from the other Regional Initiatives, as well as outside experts in a variety of CCUS-related fields.

Listen to the eGeos Podcast, brought to you by the Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative on SpotifyApple PodcastsSoundcloud, or whatever platform you tune in on!

For more information on the DOE-Regional Initiatives, please visit:

MRCI battelleprod.wpengine.com

PCOR www.undeerc.org/PCOR

SEACARB-USA www.sseb.org/programs/secarb-usa/

CUSP https://www.pnnl.gov/projects/carbon-storage/carbon-utilization-and-storage-partnership-western-usa

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