Federal Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act 2022 Introduced in Congress

Democratic Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) and Chris Coons (DE) recently introduced the Federal Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act, legislation that would require the Department of Energy to remove CO2 emissions using Direct Air Capture (DAC) and other emerging technology and leverage federal procurement to create a market for carbon dioxide removal, says a release by Whitehouse.

Fellow Dem Congressmen Paul Tonko (NY) and Scott Peters (CA) introduced the same legislation in the House in early April.

According to a press release by Tonko, the bill would:

  • Require the Department of Energy (DOE) to remove an increasing amount of carbon dioxide emissions using direct air capture or other technology-based removal solutions;
  • Ensure best practices for monitoring, reporting, and verifying carbon removals and for robust public engagement;
  • Set a declining per-ton price ceiling to incentivize cost reductions over time and give flexibility for DOE to invest in nascent technologies with high carbon removal potential;
  • Create a set-side for newer CDR technologies to promote a broad portfolio of technologies; and
  • Prioritize domestic job creation, environmental justice, innovative technologies, and community benefits.

“Although many voters still haven’t heard of carbon removal, that’s changing steadily,” says Carbon180, a climate-centered NGO formerly known as the Center for Carbon Removal, about this pending legislation. “The bill and its broad bipartisan support mark a notable milestone as carbon removal races to meet climate goals.”

Check out Fact Sheets in the legislation by Whitehouse and Coons and Tonko and Peters.

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