Illinois Storage Corridor

ISGS Awarded Phase III CarbonSAFE Project in Illinois Basin

The Illinois State Geological Survey recently was awarded a Phase 3 CarbonSAFE project: the Illinois Storage Corridor (ISC). The objective of the $25M project is to accelerate commercial deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) within the Illinois Basin, a region having demonstrated effective geologic storage characteristics and with numerous industrial carbon sources. The project will characterize two individual sites for commercial-scale CO2 storage, each with committed industrial CO2 sources, and will seek approvals for Underground Injection Control Class VI permits for construction at each site. This work builds on experience from projects in the region that have proven the feasibility of commercial-scale storage within the Illinois Basin using the extensive Cambro-Ordovician Storage Complex that comprises the well-known Mt Simon Sandstone Storage Complex and St Peter-Knox Storage Complex. This experience includes that of the MGSC and MRCSP partnerships and recent Phase 1 and 2 CarbonSAFE Illinois projects that have expanded our knowledge of the storage potential of the Corridor region. The experienced project team will perform detailed characterization at each site including acquiring new subsurface data through seismic surveys, well drilling and testing, and computer simulations. The work includes engaging with stakeholders and public. The project will define the multi-industry storage corridor through the development of a storage hub near the One Earth Energy facility in north-central Illinois and at the Prairie State Generating Company site in south-central Illinois. The combined annual CO2 captured by these facilities will ultimately exceed 6.5 million tons per year. The capture sites are located directly above strata having a high likelihood of excellent injection and containment characteristics minimizing the requirement for pipelines or other transportation options. The ISC project will address all submission requirements for U.S. EPA UIC Class VI permitting and will develop workflows for effective site characterization and efficient permitting for sites in areas of extensive storage complexes to accelerate deployment of CCUS. The Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative will leverage this project and continue to expand our understanding of CCS opportunities in this region.

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