Iowa State University Launches Carbon-related Webinar Series

The Iowa State University Bioeconomy Institute, in collaboration with the Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is launching Conversations about Carbon, a monthly series delivered via Zoom webinar. Held on the third Wednesday of every month, the series will include a virtual discussion with an expert who will address key questions about carbon reduction, removal, and repair. The overall goal is to help move research, education, and extension forward.

Ryan Clark Iowa Geological Society
Ryan Clark

The first webinar, entitled Iowa Geology: Potential Opportunities for Carbon Dioxide Storage, will take place November 16. It features Geologist Ryan Clark, Iowa Geological Survey. Clark received BS and MS degrees in Geology from the University of Iowa after spending 5.5 years doing environmental consulting for Terracon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He joined the Iowa Geological Survey in 2012 as a Bedrock Geologist primarily focused on geologic mapping, well logging, critical mineral research, carbon sequestration, and public engagement.

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For more information, contact the ISU Bioeconomy Institute. You can also submit ideas for speakers, topics, and more here.


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