Major Hydrogen Developments in the MRCI Region

On October 13th, the Biden Administration announced the Hydrogen Hubs that will enter the award negotiation phase of the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program. Three of the Hubs selected will be located within the MRCI Region: the Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen (ARCH2) Hub, serving West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania; the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub (MACH2), serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey; and the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen Hub (MachH2), serving Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

The Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program is a part of the 2021 Bipartisan Bill that allocates $7 billion for federal investment to build out regional clean hydrogen hubs. If awarded, the MRCI Region will house three of the clean hydrogen epicenters in the United States and will supply cleaner, safer energy to the country while creating thousands of jobs. This development also moves the U.S. closer to the 2050 net-zero carbon emissions goal.

Read more about the other Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs selected for negotiation from the Biden Administration announcement.

Learn more about Community Benefits Plan, partners, and comments from government and industry by reading the following press releases:

ARCH2: Battelle’s Press Release.

MACH2: State of Delaware’s Press Release

MachH2: Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen’s Press Release

Selected Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Map Blue

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