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The Midwest is brimming with exciting CCS projects and we are proud to showcase them here.

Heartland Greenway

Information: https://heartlandgreenway.com/

Who: Navigator CO2 Ventures
Where: Illinois, Iowa
Status: Potential

About: Heartland Greenway is a CCUS system proposed by Navigator CO2 targeting biofuel production and industry. The project spans across the Midwestern states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota and will enable customers to reduce their carbon emissions. The project will help customers construct and finance their own carbon capture facilities and will transport captured carbon to a sequestration region where it will be stored underground. When completed, the project will have the ability to capture and store 15 million tons of CO2 yearly.

Wolf Carbon Solutions and ADM

Information: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220110006079/en/

Who: Wolf Carbon Solutions and ADM
Where: Illinois and Iowa
Status: Potential

About: Wolf Carbon Solutions and Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) have joined forces and proposed a carbon capture and storage system aimed at decarbonizing ADM’s operations in Iowa. Combining ADM’s experience managing CO2 sequestration wells and Wolf Carbon Solution’s expertise operating carbon capture facilities and pipeline transportation systems, this project will decarbonize ADM’s agricultural processes.

Marquis Carbon-Neutral Industrial Complex

Information: https://marquisinc.com/2021/10/04/marquis-industrial-complex-to-be-the-worlds-first-carbon-neutral-industrial-complex/

Who: Marquis Incorporated, Gas Liquids Engineering (GLE)
Where: Hennepin, IL
Status: Active

About: Marquis Incorporated, an innovator in biofuel production, has begun developments to convert their facilities in Hennepin, IL into the world’s first carbon-neutral industrial park. In a partnership with Canadian based company Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE), the plan is to incorporate carbon capture technology and store captured carbon in an on-site well which will sequester 1,200,000 tons/year. When completed, Marquis will be a leader in producing low carbon biofuels.

West Terre Haute Carbon Capture Project

Information: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-largest-us-carbon-capture-and-sequestration-project-to-be-developed-by-wabash-valley-resources-with-funding-support-from-ogci-climate-investments-300852906.html

Who: Wabash Valley Resources (WVR)
Where: Terre Haute, Indiana
Status: Active

About: Wabash Valley Resource’s (WVR) project taking place at their fertilizer plant in Terre Haute, Indiana will capture and sequester nearly all carbon dioxide from their operations. Through this process, WVR will be able to produce green ammonia, giving farmers and industry the opportunity to purchase environmentally conscious ammonia and fertilizers.

Wabash CarbonSAFE

Information: https://netl.doe.gov/sites/default/files/netl-file/20CSVPR_Korose.pdf

Who: Illinois State Geological Survey
Where: Terre Haute Carbon Capture Project
Status: Active

About: The Wabash CarbonSAFE project is a project being conducted by the Illinois State Geological Survey. The project is seeking to assess the feasibility of developing commercial-scale carbon storage at the WVR site.

Midwest Carbon Expressway

Information: https://summitcarbonsolutions.com/

Who: Summit Carbon Solutions
Where: Iowa
Status: Potential

About: The Midwest Carbon Expressway is a project led by Summit Carbon Solutions who is seeking to create the largest carbon capture hub in the world. Covering 5 Midwestern states – Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota – the project intends to dramatically reduce carbon emissions from ethanol production. By installing carbon capturing in the ethanol industry, producers will be able to cut their carbon emissions in half.

AES Warrior Run

Information: https://energywv.org/assets/files/Energy-Summit-Presentations/2014/08_Peter_Bajc.pdf 

Who: AES Corporation
Where: Cumberland, Maryland
Status: Active

About: The AES Warrior Run plant uses carbon capture technology and recycles it, selling it to companies that manufacture fire extinguishers and dry ice.


Bellingham Cogeneration Facility

Information: https://innovations.icac.com/bellingham-cogeneration-facility/

Who: Fluor
Where: Bellingham, MA
Status: Active

About: The Bellingham Cogeneration Facility is a natural gas-fired power plant that utilizes Fluor’s Econamine technology to capture carbon from their operations. With this technology, they are able to capture 320-350 tons/day. The facility provides electricity to Boston Edison Company, Commonwealth Electric, and Montaup Electric.

Northern Michigan Basic CarbonSAFE Integrated Pre-Feasibility Project

Information: https://netl.doe.gov/carbon-management/carbon-storage/worldwide-ccs-database

Who: Battelle Memorial Institute
Where: Northern Michigan Basin, MI
Status: Potential

About: The goal of this project is to understand the feasibility of developing an integrated commercial-scale carbon capture and storage site.

Jamestown BPU

Information: https://netl.doe.gov/carbon-management/carbon-storage/worldwide-ccs-database

Who: Jamestown BPU
Where: Jamestown, NY
Status: Potential

About: The Jamestown BPU project is a proposed project seeking to add on to the long planned Circulating Fluidized Bed combustion unit. The purpose of this addition would be to replace to older coal-fired boilers.

CAB-CS: Central Appalachian Basin CarbonSAFE Integrated Pre-Feasibility Project

Information: https://netl.doe.gov/carbon-management/carbon-storage/worldwide-ccs-database

Who: Battelle Memorial Institute
Where: Central Appalachian Basin, Ohio
Status: Potential

About: The CAB-CS Project by Battelle Memorial Institute is a pre-feasibility project with the goal of testing a commercial-scale carbon capture and storage site.

Competitive Power Ventures Inc.

Information: https://www.cpv.com/2022/09/16/multi-billion-dollar-combined-cycle-natural-gas-power-station-with-carbon-capture-announced-in-west-virginia/

Who: Competitive Power Ventures
Where: West Virginia
Status: Proposed

About: In a project proposed by Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), carbon capture and storage technology will be used to offset the emissions from a natural gas power station. This step is part of CPV’s goal to reduce their carbon footprint, address concerns about climate change, and invest in the future of West Virginia.

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