Presentations from the 2022 Partners and Stakeholders Meeting

About 175 people attended the two-day 2022 MRCI Partners and Stakeholders Meeting event, seeking information on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) for the 20-state MRCI region and beyond. Attendance at the September meeting surpassed that of any previous meeting held either virtually under the MRCI, or in-person throughout the life of the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP) one of the two predecessor programs of the MRCI.

The meeting, held at the Grand Event Center in Columbus, Ohio, just a few miles from Battelle’s headquarters (Battelle co-leads the MRCI along with the Illinois State Geological Survey), boasted a packed agenda covering topics including Managing Risks for CCS Deployment, Regional Projects, Regulatory/Legislative Updates for MRCI States, Carbon Sequestration in the Outer Continental Shelf, and the Significance of Environmental Justice.

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Navigator CO2 Projects

2022 Marquis Projects

Carbon Sequestration on the OCS

Environmental and Energy Justice

PA CCUS update

Ohio Class VI Primacy Update

Carbon Transport and Storage Program Overview

Indiana CCUS Update

MRCI Opening-Welcome

MRCI Outreach Update

MRCI Infrastructure Assessment Update

MRCI Key Technical Challenges Update

Managing Risks for CCS Deployment

IL Basin-CarbonSAFE

CCS Development at ADM

WV CCUS Updates

CCS Risks

Washington Update

MRCI Facilitating Data Collection and Sharing Update

BP Midwest Hydrogen Hub

CONSOL Energy Project

Additional Learning

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