Presentations from the 2023 Partners and Stakeholders Meeting

Early October, the MRCI Team hosted the Annual Partners and Stakeholders Meeting in Morgantown, West Virginia. Nearly 150 people attended, partaking in three information-filled days learning about the current state of CCUS and where the industry is heading.

The main meeting hosted experts with backgrounds in government, industry, and academia who presented on important topics to carbon capture utilization and storage. The main meeting was bookended by workshops on Community Benefits Plans, Storage Resource Management Systems, and Hydrogen. Many of the speakers have made their presentations available, which are posted below and organized by session:

Main Meeting (Full Agenda):

DOE FECM Strategic Goals and Upcoming Project
             William Aljoe, Project Manager, Department of Energy, National Energy Tech. Laboratory

Status of CCS in MRCI region
            Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Technical Director – Carbon Management, Battelle

Recorded remarks from West Virginia’s US Senators
             The Honourable Shelley Moore Capito, the Junior Senator from West Virginia
             The Honourable Joseph Manchin III, the Senior Senator from West Virginia

Session 1: Upstream/Midstream–Capturing and transporting CO2 in the region

Sources and Transport in the MRCI Region
             Jared Hawkins, Subsurface Scientist, Battelle

Developing Regional Pipelines
             Tyler La Susa, Market Director of Field Solutions, TRC Companies, Inc.

Session 2: Demonstrating CCUS in the MRCI Region and Paths Forward (Upstream/Midstream Focus)

Panel 1: Carbon Capture and Storage Projects (Upstream / Midstream)
             21st Century Power Plant: Steve Winter, Project Manager, Consol
             Mitchell Indiana Cement Plant: Greg Ronczka, Vice President, Environment & Sustainability, Heidelberg Materials North America

Panel 2: Path Forward: Natural gas to Hydrogen Production Projects in ARCH2
             CNX: Matt Maione, Senior Engineer, CNX

Session 3: Understanding Geologic Storage Deployment in the MRCI Region

MRCI Addressing Regional Geologic Storage Update
            Mark Kelley, Research Leader, and others, Battelle

Illinois Basin Geologic Storage Activities (Illinois Basin Broad CCS Overview)
             Chris Korose, Associate Geologist, Illinois State Geological Survey

DOE Regional Initiative Projects from FOA2799
             Kristin Carter, Assistant State Geologist, Pennsylvania Geological Survey
             Carl Carman, Carbon Capture & Storage Specialist, Illinois State Geological Survey
             Autumn Haagsma, Assistant Director, Michigan Geological Survey & Director, Michigan Repository for Research & Education
             Joel Sminchak, Sr. Subsurface Scientist, Battelle

Session 4: Permitting/Regulations

Federal and State updates: Progress of legislation and regulations
             Jared Hawkins, Subsurface Scientist, Battelle

Class VI permits overview
             Bridgitte Petras, Subsurface Scientist, Battelle

Update for West Virginia Primacy and CO2 Storage Regulations
             Jessica Moore, State Geologist, West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey

Session 5: Risk Assessment, Finance, and Insurance

Insuring CCS projects
             Michael Roos, Senior Vice President, Client Executive, Marsh
             Jim Walsh, Client Executive in Energy Practice, Marsh

Progress in financing CCS projects and credits
             Keith Tracy, Chief Commercial Officer, Elysian

A look at the private CO2 credits market
             Jeff Lee, Commercial Sales Director, Battelle

Infrastructure Security Considerations for CCS Projects
             Jared Hawkins, Subsurface Scientist, Battelle

Session 6: Stakeholder Outreach and Tech Transfer

Stakeholder Outreach in the MRCI Region and CBP Approach
             Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Technical Director – Carbon Management, Battelle

Navigator CO2 Project Development and Stakeholder Considerations
             Danielle Anderson, Manager Public Affairs, Navigator CO2
             Stephanie Cook, Director Carbon Management, Navigator CO2

Technical knowledge sharing and collaboration under MRCI
             Joel Sminchak, Sr. Subsurface Scientist, Battelle

Session 7: CarbonSAFE and Other Storage Projects

An Example Case Study of CO2 Storage Site Development in the MRCI
             Jon Cartlidge, Battelle

Updates on CarbonSAFE and commercial projects in the MRCI Region
             Marquis Biocarbon Project, Neeraj Gupta, Battelle
             CarbonSAFE: SE Michigan, Joel Sminchak, Sr. Subsurface Scientist, Battelle
             Illinois Basin CarbonSAFE projects, Carl Carman, Capture & Storage Specialist, Illinois State Geological Survey

CBP Workshop (Full Agenda):

             Jared Hawkins, Battelle

Integrating engagement into a Community Benefits Plan
             Jared Hawkins, Battelle

Realistic DEIA implementation
             Storm Woods, Battelle

Integrating DEIA into a Community Benefits Plan
             Mel White, Allegheny Science and Technology

Workforce development with Unions
             Justin Williams, Affiliated Construction Trades of West Virginia

Integrating Workforce Development into a Community Benefits Plan
             Mel White, Allegheny Science and Technology

Integrating Justice40 into a Community Benefits Plan
             Jared Hawkins, Battelle

Hydrogen Workshop (Full Agenda):

Hydrogen opportunities/outlook
             Nate Weiland, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advances in Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production Technologies
             Ganesan Subbaraman, GTI

Insights into Hydrogen Transport Infrastructure Opportunities and Challenges in MRCI Region
             Zack Thobe, MPLX

Societal considerations for Hydrogen Economy
             Elizabeth Kocs, GTI

Panel 1: Establishing Foundations of Large-Scale H2 Economy: DOE h2 Hubs Updates in the MRCI Region
             Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Battelle
             Ganesan Subbaraman, GTI
             Mel White, Allegheny Science and Technology

Panel 2: Hydrogen Storage: Understanding H2 in the Subsurface and Resource Potential in the MRCI Region/U.S.
             Donna Caraway Willette, Illinois State Geological Survey
             Greg Lackey, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Accelerating Hydrogen Readiness: Leveraging Lessons Learned from Analog Industries
             Priya Ravi Ganesh, Battelle

We would like to thank our 2023 sponsors who made this event possible – Wabash Valley Resources, TRC, TC Energy, Navigator CO2, Allegheny Science & Technology, SageRider Inc., Core Energy LLC, Coles Together, and Battelle.

MRCI SH Meeting Sponsors 9 26 2023

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