Report on Potential for CCUS in Illinois filed by PRI and UI

Prairie Research InsitituteFrom The Prairie Research Institute:

The Prairie Research Institute (PRI) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, in consultation with an intergovernmental advisory committee, pursuant to Public Act 102-0341, hereby filed its report on the potential for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) as a climate mitigation technology throughout Illinois. The report provides an assessment of Illinois subsurface storage resources, a description of existing and selected subsurface storage projects, and best practices for carbon storage. Additionally, the report provides recommendations for policy and regulatory needs at the State level based on its findings.

PRI unites expertise in geoscience, ecology and environmental science, climate, sustainable energy, hydrology and water, archaeology, and pollution prevention. PRI is not a policymaking or an advocacy organization. PRI serves as scientists to the state to help policymakers better understand the role CCUS could play in Illinois by providing objective, science-based research.

In assembling this report, the CCUS study group reviewed an inventory of existing CCUS initiatives in the state and nationally; performed a literature review; compiled a review of the existing legislation to supplement the report; employed an outside firm, Industrial Economics, Incorporated, to conduct an Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN) economic impact analysis; and hosted 13 virtual stakeholder listening sessions with diverse groups, including state agencies, environmental organizations, unions, industry, general public, and other stakeholders.

We appreciate all the stakeholders who took the time to provide their perspectives either in writing or by attending a listening session.

The report is now available to the public and can be viewed and downloaded here.

For questions please contact Tiffany Jolley, PRI Strategic Content Specialist, directly at [email protected] or 217/300-2356.

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