State Legislative Updates April 2022

Maryland Close to Passing Innovative Climate and Energy Bill
From the Clean Air Task Force
The Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 recently passed both chambers of the Maryland General Assembly with a supermajority in a move that would potentially position the state as a leader where it comes to critically needed climate and energy legislation.

“The Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 is a vital piece of legislation that would boost Maryland’s economy, safeguard its environment, and secure its future in a carbon-constrained world, while also focusing on climate equity,” Angela Seligman, U.S. State Policy, and Advocacy Manager at Clean Air Task Force, said recently.

The bill includes important support for technologies that enable clean firm power, including carbon capture, electric distribution and transmission infrastructure improvements, and other measures that support a reliable clean energy supply. Learn about the specific climate and energy provisions…

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Proposes Regulations to CCUS Program
From the Pennsylvania Business Report
Pennsylvania Sen. Gene Yaw is proposing a bill establishing legal and regulatory guidance for carbon capture, use, and storage programs across the state. The draft bill, which would shift regulatory oversight for CCUS projects from the EPA to the state, designates property rights around storage sites in deep geologic formations, directs state regulatory authority to CCUS complexes, and creates a dedicated funding program to support on-going regulatory operations. Read More

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