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man in orange coat working with wires in snowy forestDeveloping CCUS projects can be complicated and challenging. Research being conducted by the MRCI can help decrease uncertainty through our understanding of regional storage systems, testing monitoring technologies, operations and management experiences, and experience meeting permitting and regulatory requirements.

arial view of solar panel farmIndustry and energy producers can directly benefit from the research being conducted through the MRCI as the project can identify potential storage systems within proximity to CO2 sources such as ethanol plants, power plants, and other CO2 emitters. Our work not only focuses on characterizing storage potential, but developing the required infrastructure to link sources to sinks.

refinement plantWork conducted in the region by the oil and gas industry has paved the way for our research on characterizing storage systems, CO2-EOR potential, and evaluating existing infrastructure. The oil and gas industry can benefit from the MRCI work as it can provide a better understanding of the CO2-EOR potential and connect fields to CO2 sources. Additionally, MRCI is interested in expanding its current database and is looking for opportunities to collect data on upcoming wells.

farmer walking along row of cattle eatingThe secure and safe storage of CO2 is critical for successful CCUS projects. Government and regulatory bodies develop the proper requirements and policies to ensure the environmental safety of CCUS. The work conduced under MRCI can demonstrate the safety of storage, but also identify the uncertainties, best practices, and evaluate potential technologies to help meet the requirements.

farmer walking along row of cattle eating

Academia, students, and researchers directly benefit from the work being conducted under the MRCI project as it produces site specific to regional databases which cross-cut disciplines including geology, engineering, environmental, social, and economics. You can get involved in the research or request data for research.

The MRCI program strives to engage both the technical and non-technical demographics and bridge the gap between research and commercial deployment of CCUS. There are many different entities that could benefit from the research. Contact us to learn more.

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