Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative

A broad coalition of partners dedicated to the study of carbon storage and sequestration in the Midwest to Northeastern United States.

How Can I get Involved?

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Who Benefits

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Learn Who Benefits from Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative (MRCI)


Our Current Areas of Research

Project List

  1. Decatur, Illinois – MGSC Illinois Basin Decatur Project
  2. Champaign, Illinois – CarbonSAFE Illinois Basin
  3. Northern Michigan – CarbonSAFE Northern Michigan Basin
  4. Otsego County, Michigan – MRCSP Michigan Basin EOR
  5. Eastern Ohio – OCDO Geologic Characterization & EOR Projects
  6. Eastern Ohio – CarbonSAFE Central Appalachian Basin
Map of the north east and central U.S.A
New Haven, West Virginia– AEP Mountaineer1 Decatur, IL – MGSC Illinois Basin Decatur Project2 Fayette County, IL – MGSC Loudon Field EOR3 Posey County, IN – MGSC Mumford Hills Field EOR4 Hopkins County, KY - MGSC Sugar Creek Field EOR5 Rabbit Hash, KY - MRCSP East Bend Test6
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